Buying Guide
Faced with an array of furniture brand market, ordinary consumers how to buy their own furniture to fit it? General to consider the following aspects:
● green
In the theme of environmental protection era, recycled leisure furniture will become the mainstream of the furniture industry. Ordinary wooden furniture consume a lot of years growing timber, if the large supply of such furniture, will destroy the ecological balance. The leather furniture production process and environmental pollution, poor thing, there is the smell made after finished. Our leisure furniture using steel and aluminum frame, PE plastic rattan establishment, the vast majority of recycled materials, clean and green. Plastic rattan chairs prepared, not afraid of rain, afraid of the sun, not afraid of water. Mildew in humid climates south, no moth-eaten. Dry climate in the north, no distortion, no cracking. As people learn leisure furniture, leisure furniture will gradually replace the existing wooden, leather and other furniture, into the mainstream of the industry.
● Practical and beautiful
The first is a kind of furniture products, practical, to meet the practical premise, but also to meet the needs of modern living habits and personality, and only a combination of both to produce functional beauty. Furniture is also a work of art. Are practical and beautiful, apparently also select one of the focus of furniture. Our products are rattan, made of Teslin material, breathable, soft and hard moderate, style simple and bright, modern and strong, giving a relaxed feeling. "Thai Express" design process to fully consider the needs of contemporary furniture features, variety, complete specifications, a great choice. Designers also make full use of the principles of ergonomics, and strive to people in the use of the furniture comfortable and pleasant. "Thai Express" furniture distinctive style, with "simple atmosphere" for the United States, get rid of all affectation, and strive to elegant.
● Brand and Price
Currently, China's consumer awareness of the furniture brand is still relatively low, but the domestic well-known furniture brands have gradually emerged. The brand is not abstract, any well-known brand has a unique meaning. "Thai Express home" brand in the consumer high cost has been recognized all over Cape enabled.
When selecting furniture, do not focus on brand awareness is not necessarily desirable. Because brand awareness is not derived out of thin air to come, but the manufacturers of the long-term pursuit of excellence in business philosophy materialized. Since the well-known brand reputation and high, select it, you'll feel at ease and reliable, you can also enjoy a good after-sales service.
"Price" is an examination of the factors that the amount of people choose furniture. Some people tend to well-known brands and high-priced linked, this is actually a misunderstanding. As a commodity widely used public - furniture, to become well-known brand, the need for greater market share, certainly can not take the "high profit" line. On the contrary, as with the famous brand furniture manufacturers based on "economies of scale" to win, to ensure the quality of the premise, can most effectively reduce costs, so buy well-known brands of furniture tend to be more affordable. In considering the "price" is, but also pay attention to whether there are comparable. Bad quality furniture (such furniture outsiders may not be able to see through), and perhaps some of the low price, but because of the poor use of materials, lower process technology content, and the lack of well-known brand price comparability.